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Feline Freedom™ AirTag Breakaway Cat Collar

Feline Freedom™ AirTag Breakaway Cat Collar

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“With these collars, the peace of mind they bring is priceless. The secure fit for Apple Tags, combined with their bright colors and reflective strip, makes tracking my cat a breeze, whether indoors or out. My cat loves wearing it too, making it an investment that's as comfortable as it is functional. Simply put, it's the best decision for my cat's safety and my comfort.”

- Adelia B.

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Meet our Feline Freedom™ AirTag Breakaway Cat Collar, your perfect solution to keep track of your adventurous feline. This collar houses an Apple AirTag securely, features a safety breakaway buckle, and is crafted from reflective, irritation-free nylon. Designed to be adjustable, lightweight, and waterproof, it's perfect for cats of all sizes and all weather conditions. Give your cat the freedom they crave while enjoying peace of mind with our Feline Freedom™ AirTag Breakaway Cat Collar.

The Feline Freedom™ incorporates an elastic AirTag case which safely secures the AirTag even during vigorous activities. This ensures that your cat's location can be accurately tracked at all times, providing peace of mind.

The collar comes with reflective strips and a bell that makes your cat easily noticeable even in dark environments. This improves your pet's safety while also making it easier for you to locate them during their nighttime escapades.

The Feline Freedom™ features a sturdy breakaway buckle that allows your cat to quickly break free when in danger. This significantly enhances your cat's safety during outdoor adventures, reducing your worry about possible mishaps.

The collar's length is adjustable and the AirTag holder is lightweight, providing a comfortable fit for cats of different sizes. This ensures that your cat won't feel any discomfort, promoting consistent use and better tracking.

The collar is made of reflective nylon rather than silicone, ensuring it doesn't rub off fur or hurt your cat's skin. This keeps your cat comfortable and irritation-free, encouraging them to wear it more often and for longer periods.

The Feline Freedom™ has a waterproof AirTag holder, which effectively protects the AirTag from damage and easily wipes off dirt. This allows your cat to fully enjoy their outdoor activities, regardless of the weather conditions, without compromising the tracking efficiency.


Step 1: Securely insert your Apple AirTag into the elastic holder on the collar.

Step 2: Gently place the collar around your cat's neck, making sure the buckle clicks into place securely.

Step 3: Observe your cat to ensure they are comfortable and that the collar doesn't restrict their movement.

Step 4: Follow Apple's instructions to connect the AirTag to your device, enabling you to track your cat's location.

Step 5: Perform regular checks on the collar's condition, cleanliness, and the AirTag's battery life for optimal operation.


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